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Common Stork's-bill

Post by Steve Pollard »

In a field on my farm that for many years has been used for winter feeding cattle, and subsequently not reseeded, there is currently at least an acre thick with Common Stork's-bill - an annual that needs disturbed ground. There aren't many species still flowering this late in the season on Dartmoor - even in my uncut hay meadows - but the bees were very busy on this plant this morning. I'm considering working this field over next spring to allow it to re-establish.
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Re: Common Stork's-bill

Post by Jane W »

That's lovely to see, I'm not lucky enough to have seen this Common Storks Bill here, but have been interested in what's still in flower to provide late nectar for the insects which are still around. Here there are some pink campion flowering, gorse, occasional knapweed, rocket. Quite a lot of Devils Bit Scabious....which single handedly seems to have kept a lot of insects, butterflies and moths going for some weeks. Also noticed a medium sized fly (8-10mm) ...mainly dark brown but with a clearly orangey coloured rump. No idea what it is but this is the only time of year that I've noticed it flying.
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