Poo or pellet or………….

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Brian Nicholas
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Poo or pellet or………….

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Have found several of these by one of the freshly dug ponds/scrapes……which are close to the River Mole……Demoiselles clearly visible but any ideas?
Robbie Phillips
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Re: Poo or pellet or………….

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This looks like it is a pellet rather then poo.
There are a range of bird species that can cough up pellets as a way of getting rid of indigestible material, in this case beetle carapaces and damselfly's. Raptor and owl pellets are fairly well documented and easy to distinguish between species, but another family that regularly regurgitates pellets is the corvid family, including crows, magpies, jays and jackdaws.
Looking at this one and the fact there are multiple together on the ground (away from any obvious perch I presume?), I would suggest it is more likely to be from a corvid than raptor, as they will often feed on the ground in the same place over multiple days is there is a good food source, so it depend on what you see around most as to what it is likely to be. Possibly Magpie or Crow?

Hope this is of help.
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