Convert village green to wildflower meadow

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Convert village green to wildflower meadow

Post by DaveH »

Hello everyone

I have a meeting with my local parish council on the evening of 2/12/21 in which they wish to discuss my proposal to change the village green from mown grass to a wildflower meadow. The initial feedback I have received on this is that they are not keen. However as this space is not used for anything particularly, is near a road from which many people will see it and hopefully be inspired themselves, it seems like an ideal location.

Does anyone have any tips for the 5 minute presentation I am due to give. What would be good, what should I avoid? Would love to be able to show a picture to them of what the green could look like. Any ideas how I could do that?

For a small village this could be a great community project and could show so many others what is possible.

Thanks all
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Tracey Hamston
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Re: Convert village green to wildflower meadow

Post by Tracey Hamston »

Hi Dave,
Sounds a great idea. We have taken on some of our local verges with the support of our town council and it took quite a few discussions to tease out the details and commitments.
If it's your main village green, it would be worth canvassing the locals to get public opinion on your ideas and what people use it for/want from it. If you can get a good bit of support, that will stand you in good stead.
For your meeting tomorrow evening, obviously focus on the benefits including those for your parish council - e.g. NERC duties ... odiversity
Benefits of community involvement too. Don't raise expectations too high. Pictures of amazing pictoral type meadows and flower-rich meadows are inspirational, but would be pretty hard to deliver. Obviously, you'll be aiming for that, but it can take a long time.

If they are reluctant, you could go for a trial period of a couple of years to see if you can get sufficient people involved. Who manages it already? There's always the reduced cutting, saving money that could go into buying seed, tools etc.

For inspirational pictures of what it could become, check out some of the meadow pictures on the forum here.
These are some of the WHY's we used
Road verges are home to almost half of the UK’s wildflower species and can provide a huge NETWORK of corridors and refuges for nature
Health and wellbeing of the community & road user
Provide access to nature, promoting health and wellbeing
Promote civic pride
Carbon capture - Restoring poor grassland INCREASES carbon storage
Community led projects to enhance our verges for wildlife AND the people of Buckfastleigh

Sorry for the long ramble and good luck tomorrow. Tracey
martin watts
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Re: Convert village green to wildflower meadow

Post by martin watts »

Oops! Hi Dave just noticed I missed the talk. I had nothing really to add to Tracy’s comprehensive guide. Except to paint a picture with words of the fun around creating the meadow which I had in my garden meadow from bench placing to mown path creating. Paths add to it also they needn’t be uniform for example as key species arise just go round them. All good fun and top off with a fun hay making day/week.
I do hope the village meeting supported this wonderful idea, look forward to hearing positive news. Cheers
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Re: Convert village green to wildflower meadow

Post by andrew »

Hi All,

I live near the National Botanic Garden of Wales, and was intruiged by this idea of how a lawn and wildflower meadow can be combined: ... diversity/

- not by having two seprate areas of mown and unmown, but by some creative mowing as shown here. Might this help persuade the doubters to give it a go? They would still be able to walk the area but would have a chance to see the meadow flowers close up.
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Steve Pollard
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Re: Convert village green to wildflower meadow

Post by Steve Pollard »

I love those pictures, Andrew! Quite extreme, but very creative!
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