Meadow Cut Hay - sell or compost?

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Meadow Cut Hay - sell or compost?

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Hello Everyone,

I am after a bit of advice prior to purchasing some kit to manage our 7 acres for wildflowers. I am looking at whether to use a scythe mower, then do a collect and bale, or a flail mower for composting.

Does anyone know if wildflower meadow hay is of any value for selling for animal feed or other purposes, or as the wildflower count increases does it lose its value? At the moment there is still a large proportion of grass, but as we (hopefully) move forward with replacing that with flowers and other species, will the hay still be sellable? We don't keep animals ourselves, so if we did do baling it would be to sell. Composting, however, would be done on site.

Thanks in advance for advice. Natasha
Brian Nicholas
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Re: Meadow Cut Hay - sell or compost?

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Hi Natasha
You really need to reduce the fertility and the best way is to take a hay cut. Mid July is usually a good time as most of the seeds have set and the hay is palatable and easily saleable.You could do this yourself but it is much easier to sell the grass to a neighbouring farmer who will have the equipment and pay you about£30 to £40 an acre……….or more given the current issues…….
Doing it yourself requires a lot of equipment and storage ……..
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