This forum has been created by Moor Meadows Dartmoor, a grass-roots community group, established in 2015. Now with over 800 members, the group collectively manages over 1,000 acres of wildflower meadows, of all types and sizes, in and around Dartmoor National Park. Members' meadows range in size from a meadow on a shed roof all the way to landholdings with dozens of acres. We would like to see more groups like this up and down the country. A field of grass with very few flowers can be restored to a wildflower-rich meadow alive with bumblebees and butterflies - and all it takes is enthusiasm and a patch of land, no matter how small. Only 2 per cent of the country’s grassland habitats are rich in wildflowers and wildlife, so every field, paddock, churchyard, road verge and garden converted to a well-managed meadow could become a vital space for wildlife. A grant from the Devon Environment Foundation enabled the creation of the forum, providing a platform to share information and advice and a space for the formation of new groups. Excitingly, new groups are emerging in West Devon, South Devon, Blackdown Hills and East Devon. If there isn’t a group yet in your area, and you’d like to start one, let us know. Groups can use the ‘local groups’ forums like an email exchange, in order to connect to like-minded people in their local community. Interested in joining us? Simply register to start posting, replying and sharing.